School Accreditation

The Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE) does not accredit schools. The MOE provides schools with a school number, called a BSID, and after successful school inspection, provides a school with the authority to grant credits. This is NOT accreditation. Yip's, of course, holds a Ministry of Education BSIB number (669074 )and is authorized to issue credits towards the OSSD – Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In this respect, we are similar to many other private schools in Ontario.

This is how we are different!

Yip's is working with AdvancED to pursue school accreditation.

In addition to its authority to grant credits, Yip's is pursuing accreditation by the largest accrediting agency in the world, AdvancED. We’re on track to complete the accreditation process by June 2020. At that point Yip's will belong to a small and prestigious group of accredited private schools in Ontario.

Our school accreditation with AdvancED will illustrate:

  • A distinctive mark of quality and integrity that is recognized as a high standard for educational excellence

  • Standards based on educational research and best practice regarding the factors that impact students’ learning and school effectiveness

  • A proven, clear, and powerful protocol for school enhancement that provides a comprehensive analysis to drive continuous improvement and inform any needed actions to improve student learning

  • A framework and support system to help the school meet and exceed provincial and appropriate international requirements

  • A state-of- the-art improvement management system that facilitates, documents, and seamlessly integrates a continuous improvement process